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泉 和 菜 Lian Set Menu (Minimum Order 2 Persons)

王 朝 宴 (1) Dynasty Feast

Mongolian Lamb

Steamed Fresh Scallops (with dip sauce)

Crispy Duck & Pancake

King Prawn with Chilli & Garlic

Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Stir Fried Peking Mixed Vegetables

Singapore Rice Noodle

China Tea

帝 府 宴 (2) Imperial Banquet

Sauted King Prawn Spiced Salt

Smoked Fish a la Peking

‘Five Spices’ Beef Slices

Fried Crispy ‘Seaweeds’

Crispy Duck & Pancake

General Tseng’s Chicken, Chilli & Pepper

‘Dragon Prawn with Scallops ‘Sea Spices’

Pat Choy with Mushrooms

Singapore Rice Noodle

China Tea

試 食 宴 (3) Gourmet’s Table

Peking Ravioli in Hot Red Pepper Sauce

Chicken & Nuts Wrapped with Lettuce

Squids with Szechuan Peppercorn Salt

Pickled Chinese Salad

Fresh Lobster with Ginger & Spring Onion

Crispy Duck & Pancake

Steamed Sea Bass

Deep Fried Shredded Beef with Chilli

Seasonal Vegetables

Singapore Rice Noodle

China Tea

熱頭盆 類 Hot Appetisers

寶寶盤 – 1 Pau Pau Pan (for 2) mixedhors d’oeuvres – tea smoked chicken, spice sliced beef, fried crispy seaweed & fried king prawn

乾 貝 松   2 Fried Crispy ‘Seaweed’ with Grated Fish

芝 麻 蝦 – 3 Sesame Prawn Toast

雪 花 蝦 球 – 4 DeepFried Minced Prawn Ball

西 施 蝦 卷 – 5 CrispyKing Prawn Roll

麺 包 糖 嚇 – 6 FriedKing Prawn with Breadcrumbs

百 花 蟹 鉗 –  7 StuffedCrab Claws with King Prawn (each)

椒 盬 鮮 鱿 – 8 Squidswith Szechuan Pepper Corn Salt

酥 炸 大 蝦 – 9 DeepFried Butterfly King Prawn

清 蒸 带 子– 10 SteamedFresh Scallops (with dip sauce) (2)

招 牌 春 捲 – 11 SpecialSpring Roll wrapped with Lettuce

蜜 汁 排 骨 – 12 SpareRibs Barbecued with Honey

錦 鹵 雲 吞 – 13 Sweet & Sour Won Ton (prawn)

椒 盬 蝦 – 14 SautedKing Prawn Spiced Salt

椒 香 豬 扒 – 15 FriedPork Choplette with SzechuanPeppercorn Salt

沙 爹 雞 – 16 Satay Chicken

熏 雞 絲 – 17 Tea Smoked Chicken

蒙 古 燒 羊 肉 – 19 MongolianLamb

薑 蔥 蚌 – 19a GreenshellMussels with Ginger & Spring Onion

豉 汁 蚌 – 19b GreenshellMussels with Black Bean Sauce

肝 春 捲 – 19c SpringRoll with Ducks Liver & Plum Sauce

鍋 巴 蝦 – 19d KingPrawn with Sweet Chilli & Garlic Sauce

碎 米 雞 – 19e Chicken& Nuts wrapped with Lettuce

海 鮮 蝦 片 – 19f Mixed Seafood with Caviar & Prawn Crackers

椒 盬 蟹 – 19g SoftShell Crab with Salt & Pepper

點 心 類 Dim Sum 煎 鍋 貼 A GrilledPeking dumplings (pork)

燒 賣 B SaiMui Dumplings (prawn & pork)

紅 油 水 餃 C PekingRavioli in Hot Red Pepper Sauce (beef)

小 籠 包 D SteamedPeking Dumplings(beef)

紙 包 蝦 E Paper Wrapped Prawn

虾 饺 F SteamedHar Kau Dumpling (prawn)

叉 烧 包 G Char Siu Bun (2 per portion) (pork)

罗 米 鸡 H GlutinousRice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf (sticky rice with chicken) (2 per portion)

(without meat)

素 熱 拼 盤 21 Lian’s Vegetarian Hors d’Oeuvres (for 2) Deepfriend tea smoked bean curd, fried crispy seaweed, sataybean curd skewered, fried peas with Szechuan peppercorn salt

斋 沙 串 燒 22 Satay Bean Curd Skewered Peanut Sauce

椒 盬 豆 腐 23 FriedBean Curd with Spiced Salt

芝 蔴 多 士 24 Sesame Bean Curd Toast

咖 喱 雲 吞 25 Curried Won Ton

椒 盬 青 豆 26 FriedPeas with Szechuan Peppercorn Salt

蛋 炸 荷 豆 27 Egg Fried Fresh Mange Tout

素 分 雞 27a Deep Fried Tea Smoked Bean Curd

斋 香 鸭 27c Pancake with Mashed Yam

冷頭盆 類 Cold Appetisers

花 式 拼盤 28 ImperialHors d’Oeuvres (for 2) spices sliced beef, smoked a la Peking, pickled Chinese salad, spiced chicken with sesame oil

油 爆 蝦 仁 29 KingPrawn with Sesame Oil

熏 魚 30 SmokedFish a la Peking

棒 棒 雞 31 ShreddedBang Bang Chicken Szechuan Style

五 香 牛 肉 32 ‘FiveSpices’ Beef Slices

雲 片 白 肉 33 Szechuan Sliced Pork with Garlic & Chilli

白 油 雞 34 SpicedChicken with Sesame Oil

中 国 沙 律 35 PickledChinese Salad

湯 羹 類 Soup 酸 辣 湯 37 Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup

雞 或 蟹 粟米湯 38 Sweetcorn Soup with Chicken or Crab

冬 荫 汤 39 Tom Yam Soup with Prawn or Chicken

湖 南 魚 片 湯 40 Hunanese Fish Soup (for 2)

香 菜 鱸 魚 羹 41 Sea Bass Soup with Chopped Coriander (for 2)

蚧 肉 豆 腐 更 42 CrabMeat with Tofu Soup

雲 吞 湯 43 Won Ton Soup

萬泉上 菜 ‘A Feast On It’s Own’ 紅 燒 鮑 魚 44 Braised Abalone with Mushroom

燒 肉 叉 燒 拼 45 Crispy Belly Pork & Char Siu

席 上 片 皮 乳 豬 46 Roasted Whole Suckling Pig (24 hours notice)

北京填 鴨 47 Roasted Peking Duck (24 hours notice) specially prepared barbecued duck, served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumbers & bean sauce

香 酥 鴨 48 Crispy Duck half or quarter, specially prepared and marinated to satisfy a gourmet, served with pancakes,spring onion, cucumbers & bean sauce

宫保明 蝦 49 KingPrawn with Chilli in Fresh Pineapple

海 鮮 類 Sea Food Dishes 生猛龍 蝦 50 Fresh Lobster

清蒸 a Steamed

薑蔥 b Bakedin Ginger & Spring Sauce

豉汁 c Bakedin Black Bean Sauce

辣汁 d Bakedin Spicy Chilli Oil

清炒蝦 仁 51 Quick Stir Fried Prawns

四川蝦 仁 52 Szechuan King Prawn

鍋 塌 蝦 53 GrilledKing Prawn Garlic Sauce

魚香大 蝦 54 ‘DragonPrawn’ ‘Sea Spices’ Flavoured Whole Prawns with Scallops

宫保明 蝦 55 FriedKing Prawn with Chilli & Peanuts

清蒸海上 鮮 56 Steamed Sea Bass

豆瓣海上 鮮 57 Braised Fish with Szechuan Bean Sauce

五柳全 魚 58 ‘Five Willows’ Fish – Sweet & Sour

鍋 塌 魚 59 Grilled Fish with Garlic Sauce

醋溜魚 片 60 Fillet Sole with Vinegar

焗釀蟹 蓋 61 Baked Stuffed Crab a la Hong Kong

炸 馬 蝦 61a Deep Fried King Prawn with Crispy Noodle (with sweet & sour sauce)

雞鴨肉類 Poultry & Meat Dishes 锅塌雞 62 Grilled Chicken, Garlic Sauce

西檸雞 63 Grilled Chicken, Lemon Sauce

酱爆腰菓雞 64 Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts

左宗棠雞 65 General Tseng’s Chicken, Chilli & Peppers

七彩芝蔴雞 66 Shredded Chicken with Sesame & Vegetables

波蘿鴨盅 67 Roasted Duck with Fresh Pineapple

宫保雞丁 68 Chicken with Peanut & Chilli

雀巢牛肉絲 69 Deep Fried Shredded Beef with Chilli, served in ‘Bird’s Nest’

椒盬牛柳 70 Stir Fried Fillet Steak with Spices

糖醋裹脊 71 Pork Fillet in Sweet & Sour Peking Style

麻婆豆腐 72 Bean Curd with Minced Beef & Chilli

幹邊四季豆 73 Szechuan Style French Beans Sauteed with Minced Meat

回鍋肉 74 Szechuan‘Double Cooked’ Pork with Cabbage & Pepper

炸馬雞 74a Deep Fried Chicken with Crispy Noodle (with sweet & sour sauce)

鐵 板 類 Sizzling Dishes 鐵 板 蝦 75 KingPrawn Balls (hot & – with black bean sauce)

鐵 板 海 鮮 76 ‘Sea Spice’ Flavoured Seafood Mixed (hot & pungent)

鐵 板 雞 77 Chicken Fillets Sauteed with Black Bean Sauce

鐵 板 羊 78 Hunanese Lamb Slices with Spring Onion & Ginger

鐵 板 雙 柳 79 Beef & Chicken Fillets Sauteed with Oyster Sauce

鐵 板 牛 柳 80 Fillet Steak with Black Bean Sauce

素 菜 類 Lian’s Vegetarian Dishes 羅 漢 上 素 81 Monk’s Mixed Seasonal Vegetables served & simmered in clay pot

素 什 錦 82 Stir Fried Vegetables

芽 菜 荷 豆 83 Stir Fried Bean sprouts & Mange Tout

清 炒 时 菜 84 Stir Fried Chinese Seasonal Greens

炒 西 節 瓜 85 Sauce Stir Fried Courgettes

糖 醋 冬 筍 87 Sweet& Sour Bamboo Shoot

魚 香 茄 子 88 ‘Sea Spices’ Braised Egg Plants Szechuan Style

鍋 塌 豆 腐 89 Grilled Bean Curd Peking Style

红 燒 雙 冬 90 Braised Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot

魚 香 三 素 91 ‘Sea Spiced’ with Three Kinds of Vegetable

冬 菇 芥 蘭 花 92 Chinese Mushroom with Greens

辣 汁 芙 蓉 豆 角 93 FrenchBean Foo Yung in Spicy Hot Sauce

鮮 露 筍 93a Fresh Asparagus

炒 荷 豆 93b MangeTout with Mushroom

飯 麵 類 Rice & Noodles 焗 波 蘿 飯 94 Baked Rice with Chicken in Fresh Pineapple

鮮 蝦 荷 葉 飯 96 Baked Rice with King Prawn in Lotus Leaves

雞 蛋 炒 飯 97 Fried Rice with Egg

絲 苗 白 飯 98 Boiled Rice

星 洲 炒 米 99 Singapore Rice Noodle

时 菜 炒 麵 100 Fried Noodle with Vegetables

揚 州 炒 飯 101 Special Fried Rice

毛 菇 炒 飯 102 Mushroom Fried Rice

三 鮮 炒 烏 冬 103 Fried Udon with Mixed Seafood

甜 品 類 Desserts 拨 絲 菓 A Toffee Fruit (choice of apple, banana, raspberry)

合 時 生 菓 B Fresh Fruit

豆 沙 鍋 餅 C Pancake with Mashed Bean (mashed red kidney bean)

酒 燒 拨 絲 菓 D ToffeeFruit Flambe

糖 水 荔 枝 E Lychee

各 式 雪 糕 F Ice Cream (choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)

薄 荷 酒 雪 糕 G Ice Cream with Crème de Menthe

中 國 清 茶 H China Tea (jasmine tea)

咖 啡 I Coffee

中 國 清 茶 J Kim’s Green Tea